Healing Hands for the Equine Athlete

Justine Nord


Trigger Point Therapy + Stretching

Applying these techniques allow contracted muscle fiber to be released, and in doing so, the muscle can now resume its original job and the previously recruited muscles that had taken over can now go back to their original jobs.

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Reiki allows for the re-balancing of our equine partners energy centers. I call it “feng shui” for the body. This creates relaxation and allows the parasympathetic system to do it’s job of “rest and digest”.

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Cold Laser

Compounded with Bodywork, cold laser, deepens the healing process and helps the body feel better faster. It also will address unforeseen issues that when caught early can prevent injury.

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Horses have been feeling awesome since you worked on them. I don’t know what you did with svea but that right drift is like 90% gone!!

Kelsey Maloney

Trainer, Rancho Agave Equestrian, Valley Center CA

Justine is great! Without fail every horse has marked improvement!

Will Simpson

Olympic Gold Medalist, Show Jumping

Thank you for helping my dressage horses overcome muscle soreness from their increased work load and making them feel their best! Your ability to identify the areas where they are tight & hurting and “get in there” to relieve the muscles is amazing… I feel the difference the next day when I ride them!

Laura Maloney

Rancho Santa Fe CA

Justine has provided her massage and laser therapies for my horses on several occasions. She has also worked on several horses in our barn. The results are amazing!! I admitted to her that I was skeptical at first but the results proved me wrong. The horses truly enjoy the treatments and have enhanced performance.

Melanie Brazil


Justine Nord

Justine is an integrative equine bodyworker. Having earned her certification in Equine Sport Massage, Energy Healing, and Reiki. She applies her knowledge and intuitive wisdom to each equine athlete. Working with performance horses in dressage and show jumping she’s passionate about giving her clients horses the support they need to be top performers.  

Raised in Rural North Dakota with pilots as parents, Justine talked about horses from the time she was 2. Finally at age 12 her wish was granted and she got her first pony for which they kept on their FBO. Galloping in the fields along side the runway is one of her fondest memories.  

Years later she was inspired to learn Dressage and was hooked. She has earned her bronze medal and continues to be on her ever-expanding journey of dressage.

Justine’s work not only provides physical support to the horse but to the rider as well. Integrating energy work and reiki which are intelligent frequencies also help the rider connect to their horse, building trust by connecting both horse and rider.

Currently, when she’s not working (or practicing) in other states, including Nevada, Justine resides in Southern California where she enjoys riding her German warmblood Poet. 


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